CV’s: What Employers Don’t Want

Jobseekers, here is some useful data that you may find interesting from the UK Recruitment Body Survey. Avoid these errors to ensure your CV is evaluated positively by employers inundated with CV’s..

Almost a third (32%) of 194 UK employers surveyed claimed they spend one minute or less reviewing a CV, while 14% per cent spend 30 seconds or less. Around a quarter (23%) also said they had uncovered a lie on a CV in the past year.

Employers also said they would be deterred by CVs containing the following:

• large blocks of text that are difficult to read (36%)

• exact text from the job ad pasted into the document – (36%)

• unaccompanied by cover letter – (26%)

• not customised to the role – (25%)

• that is more than three pages– (18%)

• listing an objective instead of a career summary – (17%)

• an unprofessional email address – (16%)

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