Ensuring Positive First Impressions

Remember first impressions last!

Here is some practical advice from our recruitment experience of areas where job seekers may not even focus but can be crucial to success in your search for a new job. These are straightforward and you may think they go without saying but in fact many people get them wrong!

Ensuring that your response to that first call/e-mail gets you to the interview:

Phone Calls:
1. Answer the phone as much as possible and be friendly. So many people screen calls and prefer texting. Missing one call could be the last call that you get from a recruiter or HR representative.

2. Make sure you have a personalised message if the call does go to voicemail. Include your name, sound friendly, and thank the person for the call.

3. Return voicemail calls as soon as possible. This shows courtesy for other people’s time and shows interest and politeness on your part.

4. If you have included your home number let the family know that you may be receiving calls from prospective employers. Make sure a note pad and a pen are always available to record important information.

1. Make sure your e-mail address sounds professional, many people provide personal addresses that were created in fun and don’t present a professional image for the person.

2. Many employers now use electronic databases to send invitations, times, location of interviews to jobseekers. If you have provided a personal e-mail address on your CV ensure you check it regularly and respond quickly to any communication.

3. Even though we are all used to using abbreviations & short hand when communicating with friends ensure you are professional in any e-mails you send to a prospective employer.

If you would like to know more about career success go to http://www.positivecareeroptions.com or call Valerie @ 087 2268422 or Noreen @ 087 6895857

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