Preparing for Assessment Centres : Practice Tests

As more and more organisations are recognising the benefits of adopting more balanced and objective methods of selection, candidates are increasingly being asked to undergo some form of psychometric testing or assessment centre as part of the selection process. Up to 75% of medium to large sized organisations, and 95% of FTSE Top 100 companies are using tests or questionnaires during the recruitment process.

While practicing tests won’t increase your ability it certainly helps your confidence to know what you may experience allowing you to use you time more effectively. We have been involved in designing and facilitating assessment centres for a number of multi-national organisations and have constantly been amazed and disappointed by how underprepared participants are.

We have pulled together some useful links to help you access practice tests and information to improve your chances of success:

Or you could try This site lists nearly 200 links to websites featuring practice and example tests for a very wide range of applications.

If you would like further advice on preparing for success in assessment centres contact Noreen @ 087 6895857 or Valerie @ 087 2268422 or go to

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