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Graduate Interviews: fatal errors and how to avoid them

I’ve been involved in some graduate interviews over the past week and it has reminded me of how refreshing it can be to interview younger people at the start of their careers (Ouch! that makes me sound very old), but … Continue reading

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Coaching and Mentoring: The same thing really…… aren’t they?

Recently, as I was supporting a client in implementing a structured mentoring programme, it turned out that many of the applicants to the programme really wanted coaching to support their development and not mentoring. What is the difference I was … Continue reading

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Taking some of the Mystery out of Personality Profiles!

During a recent Interview Skills Coaching session a key question regarding personality profiles came into my mind with full force, “What it it about a simple personality profile that can undermine a candidates confidence and create so much uncertainty in … Continue reading

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Preparing for Assessment Centres : Practice Tests

As more and more organisations are recognising the benefits of adopting more balanced and objective methods of selection, candidates are increasingly being asked to undergo some form of psychometric testing or assessment centre as part of the selection process. Up … Continue reading

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Getting Noticed: Video CV?

As social media becomes ever more relevant in the search for new job opportunities, some people are becoming very innovative in how they utilise the tools available to them. Have you ever considered creating a video CV? Here is an … Continue reading

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Ensuring Positive First Impressions

Remember first impressions last! Here is some practical advice from our recruitment experience of areas where job seekers may not even focus but can be crucial to success in your search for a new job. These are straightforward and you … Continue reading

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CV’s: What Employers Don’t Want

Jobseekers, here is some useful data that you may find interesting from the UK Recruitment Body Survey. Avoid these errors to ensure your CV is evaluated positively by employers inundated with CV’s.. Almost a third (32%) of 194 UK employers … Continue reading

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